• About Us

    During the '90s tech boom, we fell in love with computers. As natural born artists, they soon became our canvas.


    Art, copy and code is our jam.

    Whether you call it a unicorn, a jack of all trades, or simply a renaissance man, the simple truth is we live and breathe design and development. We were born to build and design.

    The traditional agency model is a hot mess. We've experienced it firsthand. Most of them are run by business people who have very little knowledge of design, development, data processing, hosting, and related services. They don't appreciate the pixels or the data bytes. These business folk are driven by one thing - money, not art. Frankly, it's gross. That's why we abandoned the traditional agency model.

    You can call us what you want, but we love what we do, and we're good at it.

    Built on love and fueled by ethics.

    Our owner, Ryan Shepherd, founded Shepdesign in 2022. But that's not where it all began. Back in 2015, when Ryan was a young designer and programmer in college studying business, he soon discovered that designers and developers were severely mistreated by traditional agencies. Even worse, he realized that the general public was being manipulated.

    Over the years, Ryan honed his craft, developed an open-source focused business mindset, and set out to change the way digital service agencies operated. The internet was built on love and ethics, and we are dedicated to keeping that mission alive while offering well-considered advice and top-notch solutions.

    Our core values that drive us and define our culture:


    We succeed when you succeed. We strive to protect and preserve your best interests. We provide sound advice and remove tech debt. We always leave your project or codebase in a better place after development.


    To make your projects succeed, clear and simple communication is key. We keep you informed about the development status, any issues, and our plans. Talking with you is a chance to make things clear.


    We build things that last and perform beyond expectations. Our passion for what we do is reflected in the deliverables you receive. We are committed to always leveling up so we can server you better.


    When we tackle a project, we take responsibility. This means setting clear goals, assessing, and following through at every step. If something goes awry, we investigate and resolve it. Excuses aren't our thing.

    Get the digital services you deserve.

    Let's keep things simple and get down to business. Our initial meet-and-greet is completely FREE and doesnโ€™t involve an awkward sales pitch (thank God).